Cyrus Haghjoo

I have always been fascinated by the blend of handcraft and creative artistry. What I want to do is to express myself through my own creations.

My aspiration is to craft knives of high quality in terms of form and function. Reduction to the basics without giving up elegance is paramount for me.

After my graduation from the Staatliche Zeichenakademie Hanau (State Academy) I went to London for one year to work as a goldsmith fort he renowned Designer Goldsmith Gerry Summers. It was my good friend Uli Hennicke to whom I owe the decision to and the expertise necessary to forge damascus steel. Since then I have been fascinated by red hot steel.

From that time on the making of knives has been dominating my life.

In 2002 I was awarded a scholarship at the Texarcana College in Texas, US, which entertains a cooperation with the ABS School. My teachers, among others, were Don Fogg and Harvey Dean, the former being the one who subjected me to the journeyman test.

Since the year 2007 I have been a member of the German Knifemakers’ Guilde.